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SOURCE: Sauer Energy

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Mar 07, 2011 07:55 ET

NEWBURY PARK, CA--(Marketwire - March 7, 2011) - Sauer Energy, Inc. ("SEI") (OTCBB: SENY), a developer of home and enterprise scale vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems, will showcase a pre-production sample of its WindCharger Turbine System at the WindPower 2011 Conference and Exhibition ("WindPower 2011") hosted by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

The WindPower 2011 industry conference will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim, California, USA, from May 22 - 25, 2011. The conference provides presentations that highlight the latest industry trends, technology developments, and renewable energy policy developments. WindPower also provides unmatched access to wind industry businesses and technology leaders and combines education, exhibition, and networking to capture the energy of the rapidly expanding wind market, creating a venue for business, and bold, forward-looking action.

WindPower 2011 is the largest international wind energy conference in North America. Sauer Energy will be joined by a powerhouse consortium of industry manufacturers, academic leaders, the Department of Energy and global governments. Almost 1400 exhibitors and over 20,000 attendees are expected for the purpose of educating themselves and meeting the future energy demand.

This is the first year that AWEA is participating in the United States Department of Commerce's International Buyers Program (IBP). Meeting the criteria, Sauer Energy will be able to participate in this initiative. Attracting delegations of international buyers from around the world, the Department of Commerce trade professionals will offer assistance for a myriad of international trade services to facilitate international transactions. Sauer Energy will also be listed in a special Export Interest Directory of qualified exhibitors that is given to qualified international attendees, in addition to being listed in the WindPower 2011 Show Directory that is given to all attendees and exhibitors.

WindPower 2011 marks the beginning of our launch of the WindCharger wind turbine system. This new technology will strengthen the contribution toward the challenge of meeting the need for renewable energy. Sauer Energy welcomes members and consumers to visit them at Booth 1100, for a look at the WindCharger.

Sauer Energy will highlight its patented, revolutionary development of the residential WindCharger turbine with unique features, like the air disrupters on the drag side of the blade and air strakes with air jets for more efficient performance. It is designed to fill the need for the residential market because of its roof mounting or "stand-alone" capability.

"With the unveiling of the WindCharger turbine system, Sauer Energy is completing its first phase and now planning expansion into manufacturing and commercialization of this high quality, revolutionary design. As a manufacturer, we plan to take to heart our responsibility to help curb climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels in our world, by empowering individual consumers, one at a time. Our innovative technology makes it a win-win for all. We look forward to exhibiting at WindPower 2011, and the limitless opportunities that await us there," stated Dieter Sauer, President and Chief Financial Officer of Sauer Energy, Inc.

About American Wind Energy Association

AWEA is a national trade association representing wind power project developers, equipment suppliers, services providers, parts manufacturers, utilities, researchers, and others involved in the wind industry -- one of the world's fastest growing energy industries. In addition, AWEA represents hundreds of wind energy advocates from around the world. With over 2500 members and advocates, AWEA is the focal point of the wind energy industry.

The Association provides statistics and information on development in the domestic and international markets to industry interests, the general public, and the news media. It also provides up-to-date information on wind energy projects operating; new projects in various stages of development; companies working in the wind energy field; technology development; and policy developments related to wind and other renewable energy development.

In addition, AWEA staff work with Congress to ensure that wind industry interests are addressed in renewable energy legislation. Members of Congress and their staff come to AWEA for information on how legislative proposals would affect their constituents. For more information about the American Wind Energy Association please visit: www.awea.org

About Sauer Energy Inc.

Sauer Energy is a technology developer and planned manufacturer focused on the emerging renewable energy market. We believe that because it requires few parts, SEI's technology, which provides a new direction for wind capture, will easily scale from residential to small community and up to large industrial scale. The market opportunity for a new, innovative technology is unlimited. Sauer Energy has created the WindCharger model to provide a better solution for the use of wind capture for residential or small building use.

The WindCharger Wind Turbine System was one of Sauer Energy's key innovation priorities. With several patents in place, SEI shall engage in manufacturing and commercialization in fall, 2011, and plans to see a financial return on its investments. To learn more about Sauer Energy and this revolutionary wind turbine system, please visit: www.SauerEnergy.com

Sauer Energy… the future of energy!

Forward-Looking Statements

This news release includes forward-looking statements made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. While these statements are made to convey Company progress, business opportunities and growth prospects, readers are cautioned that such forward-looking statements represent management's opinion. Whereas management believes such representations to be true and accurate based on information and data available to the Company at this time, actual results may differ materially and are subject to risk and uncertainties. Factors that may cause actual results to differ include without limitation: dependence on key personnel and suppliers; SEI's ability to commercialize its wind turbine technology; ability to defend intellectual property; wind turbine material and component costs; competition; economic conditions; consumer demand and product acceptance, and availability of growth capital.

Additional considerations and risk factors are set forth in reports filed on Form 8-K and 10-K with the SEC and other filings. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance upon these forward-looking statements; historical information is not an indicator of future performance. The Company undertakes no obligation to update publicly any forward-looking statements.


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