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Sauer Energy Test Results Solidify Production Plan PDF Print E-mail

SOURCE: Sauer Energy

May 02, 2011 07:55 ET

NEWBURY PARK, CA-- - Sauer Energy, Inc. ("SEI") (OTCBB: SENY), a developer of home and enterprise scale vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems, announces the successful wind tunnel test results from the University of Washington Aeronautical Laboratory (UWAL) , Seattle, Washington. Various models and configurations were included and evaluated. Successful data was extracted and the WindCharger model was validated with regard to design and efficiency.

“Our results were very favorable. We are entering the manufacturing stage in the process with confidence. Our goal now is to be in production by the end of the third quarter,” reported Dieter Sauer, President and CEO of Sauer Energy, Inc.

Sauer Energy’s WindCharger turbine technology is the most aerodynamically efficient wind turbine in its class. Based on the Savonius principle, designed with concave and convex blades, it is poised to offer effective returns on capital and investment. The multi-patented design includes air disrupters on the drag side to reduce friction, inside air strakes that lead to air jets for air displacement. Outside torque converters increase the drag for more torque and to increase RPMs. All these and more, contribute to the success of the WindCharger.

WindCharger technical data has been posted on our website at: www.SauerEnergy.com.

The WindCharger design has responded to the consumer demand for placing of the turbine on the roofs of homes and commercial buildings, or they can be stand-alone, where the conventional horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) designs are not applicable or practical. This allows SEI to meet the energy demand and become a real-world solution. With its revolutionary design and multiple features, the WindCharger is able to effectively capture and utilize low wind, while minimizing noise, with virtually no vibration and staying bird-friendly.

“The WindCharger’s sleek and graceful design, now proven, is poised to take the small wind market to new heights. We are ready to make Sauer Energy a household word,” stated Dieter Sauer.

The WindChargers will be sold in kits which will include the turbine, generator, inverter and mounts. The consumer will need licensed professionals for installation and electrical grid tie-in. It will carry a 10 year warranty, twice the industry standard.

Presently, there are federal tax credits, and state and/or local incentives and/or rebates may vary, depending on where you live. To get specific information regarding your area, visit www.dsireusa.org.

Sauer Energy will showcase its WindCharger at the AWEA WindPower 2011 Conference and Exhibition on May 22-25, 2011, held at the Anaheim Convention Center, Booth 1100.

With incredible demand and receiving thousands of global requests, SEI is scheduled to be in production in the fourth quarter of this year. With its strong patent barrier, Sauer Energy will place itself as a cornerstone in the marketplace.

About Sauer Energy Inc.

Sauer Energy is a technology developer and planned manufacturer focused on the emerging renewable energy market. We believe that because it requires few parts, SEI's technology, which provides a new direction for wind capture, will easily scale from residential to small community and up to large industrial scale. The market opportunity for a new, innovative technology is unlimited. Sauer Energy has created the WindCharger model to provide a better solution for the use of wind capture for residential or small building use.

The WindCharger was one of Sauer Energy's key innovation priorities. With several patents in place, SEI shall engage in manufacturing and commercialization in fall, 2011, and plans to see a financial return on its investments. To learn more about Sauer Energy and this revolutionary wind turbine system, please visit: www.SauerEnergy.com

Sauer Energy… the future of energy!

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