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Sauer Energy Reports on Mid-Year Activity and Progress PDF Print E-mail

NEWBURY PARK, CA--(Marketwire - 06/20/11) - Sauer Energy, Inc. ("SEI") (OTC.BB:SENY - News), a developer of home and enterprise scale vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems, wishes to provide an update to its shareholders, investors and the investment community, on the strategic process currently being organized.

Under the direction of Sauer Energy's CEO and President, Dieter Sauer, the company has been setting up its infrastructure to accommodate the impending expansion into manufacturing and marketing strategy of its innovative and revolutionary WindCharger for the consumer marketplace.

Over the last 12 months, the company has made significant progress in moving its technology platform toward the market. This corporate update quantifies recent announcements in the context of the overall strategy.

Sauer Energy's main objective in 2010 was to develop its residential model, the WindCharger, and build relationships to further advance the goals set forth.

With worldwide attention to the rising cost of fuel and to renewable energy, SEI has drawn a phenomenal amount of attention as a major player, thereby optimizing its position in the marketplace.

"Thanks to the continuing support of our investors, we are able to maintain focus on our goals toward revenue building activities," stated Dieter Sauer, CEO and President of Sauer Energy.

Sauer Energy's recent activities include:

WindPower 2011 Conference and Exhibition in Anaheim, California

Sauer Energy's booth was cutting edge, to match the company's technology. The WindCharger was a huge hit and all who stopped by were captivated. Its sleek curves and innovative features truly set it apart from everything else there.

It was extraordinary that Sauer Energy's faithful investors and prospective investors came in specifically to meet the management in person. It meant the world to them and the company is thankful for their interest and loyalty.

Having exhibited at this most prestigious industry show for the last few years, Sauer Energy has carved its niche as a major contender. All in all, the show was a complete success because important key connections were developed, the fruits of which will be reflected in the company's bottom line once the WindCharger is available for delivery.

Future Testing and Validation

More wind tunnel testing at the University of Washington, in Seattle, will continue in the very near future. Late-stage trials of the WindCharger's new proprietary generator will reinforce compatibility. Anticipated results will be published on the company website. Upon satisfactory completion of these tests, Sauer Energy will submit its finalized manufactured articles for complete long-term certification, which is voluntary.

"We are pioneers in an unknown universe. Entrepreneurs like us are helping re-write the handbook on the expanding industry of renewable energy that was extremely limited before. The acceptance of thinking outside the box has enabled us to develop and share our revolutionary technology. This is how great ideas are born," commented Mr. Sauer.

Distributorships and Product Launch

Sauer Energy has received an awe-inspiring number of solicitations for distributorships from all over the world. It is the company's plan to offer the WindCharger for delivery in early 2012. An Application for Distributorship will be posted on the company website soon.

Sauer Energy is building on its financing efforts to fund an ambitious advertising campaign and strong production pipeline. The company's product launch is scheduled to take place by the end of 2011.

To stay informed of Sauer Energy's progress, sign up for updates on the company's website: www.SauerEnergy.com


Sauer Energy is in the process of securing a strategic alliance with a United States based manufacturer that is set up to meet the company's production quotas. Duplication of these operations will be created at the company's new facility as an auxiliary plant. Sauer Energy's manufacturing development is at its final stage. Projections will be available later in the year.

Production Facility

In order to enable SEI to meet the market demand, the company is seeking an industrial manufacturing facility for its headquarters in Southern California. With a line-up of new products in the works, the company expects to require a wider range of research and development activities.

The new facility is expected to generate significant manufacturing efficiencies by improving production capability along with flow of operations. Sauer Energy is excited at the prospect that this opportunity has set before us. American made products stimulate the economy and keep jobs where they belong, in America.

"The new facility is slated to sustain a projected growth of SEI sales and success requisite for new product lines. This will enable us to maintain our long term commitment to produce topnotch products to meet the global market demand," added Dieter Sauer.

Corporate Stock

The company recognizes that the performance of the stock as of late has been a reflection of the overall situation of the market over the past year. The company anticipates the strength of future sales and further development of additional models and other applications will favorably affect the company common stock.

"We remain passionately committed to the WindCharger product launch while maintaining high standards of corporate governance. We expect our product sales to create the revenues we will need for a more favorable impact to reflect itself," stated Dieter Sauer, CEO.

In closing, to position SEI as a leading producer of renewable energy and target the company's sales market, the company has identified and implemented a systematic strategic plan that has a short horizon. The initiatives currently in place have performance capabilities that will likely exceed all expectations. Sauer Energy recognizes the fact that growth will take expert leadership and team expansion to maintain its course. The company seeks to become an outstanding global leader due to its competence, quality and precision in the renewable energy market.