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Sauer reaches 163 out of 196 countries PDF Print E-mail

sauer energy,wind power,vawt,alternative energy,global energyDear Shareholder,

It has been an amazing year for us as we move closer and closer to our production date.

The demand for our product has exceeded every expectation our team has had. Since January 2011, we have received over 130,000 visits to our website from 163 different countries and the average viewing time has been around 41/2 minutes long.

So, out of the 196 countries in the World, our technology has penetrated 163 of them.

Word is spreading exponentially fast about our patented technology and all of us here at Sauer Energy™ feel that we are about to experience monumental growth as we move into production.

As of today, our company is announcing plans to launch our distributorship program through our website.

We have received tens of thousands of requests for our turbines and hundreds of requests for distributorship territories.

The distribution gates are now opening and we invite those of you who are interested in becoming a distributor to fill out the distributor form by clicking here.

We are planning to take sales orders within the next two months. We firmly believe that a nationwide distribution network is the best and most efficient way to service our end users.

Our evolution to this point has been a shared development by all team members with the ultimate goal of how best to serve our customers and create the maximum amount of jobs over all parts of the U.S.

With the powerful demand for our WindCharger™ Turbine System, we chose a well-placed cutting-edge partner in the technology of mold building and engineering, VEC Technology, LLC. Our blades are the heart of our system, so this has been a carefully deliberated decision which we believe will fall in line with our long term goals and needs. We are elated to have brought them aboard and look forward to a long and successful future ahead of us.

Furthermore, we have now completed the proprietary generator, which will perfectly match the WindCharger™ and can be modified to accommodate other applications.

Providing individuals with affordable solutions to change their carbon footprint and, at the same time help move climate change further along, is an industry that is still so brand new. It is growing in leaps and bounds every day.

The strength of our technology creates its own ecosystem. We create jobs and a business opportunity in a troubled economic climate, consumers help the environment, produce their own electricity and save on their utility bills and our bottom line enables us to keep the cycle going. This is a beneficial situation for all.

According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), there are over 2 billion people around the world who do not have access to electric power. So, in addition to meeting the demand in America for clean energy, we have an enormous opportunity to change people's lives around the globe!

In 2001, annual sales of the U.S. small wind turbine industry amounted to about 13,400 turbines. AWEA estimates that turbine sales will increase, and by 2020, small wind turbines could contribute 3%, or 50,000 MW, to America's electric supply.

In order to achieve 50,000 MW the small wind turbine industry will have to grow to over $1 billion per year and employ over 10,000 people.

This growth is realistic and we are positioned to capitalize on it!

To help you understand a little more about this emerging market, below is an educational report about Small Wind that is a must read for any wind power enthusiasts.

AWEA: A 20-year industry plan for small wind turbine technology

The good news is that we have a disruptive technology. Basically, it's revolutionary in design because no one else has ever applied some of our principles and features to wind turbines like we have. We have comprehensively addressed the most important issues that wind turbines have:

- Low wind capture
- High efficiency use of captured wind
- Cost to produce
- Ease of assembly
- Cost to consumer
- Ability to market
- Availability

The cost of electricity is increasing. The obvious answer is to turn to alternative energy that makes a difference in your personal bottom line on an ongoing basis. Sauer Energy™ offers a viable alternative energy global solution that works 24/7 for you, provided you have wind.

As President & CEO of this emerging company, I am deeply grateful to all our shareholders, whose continued support, encouragement and belief in our goals, we could not do without.

We have an incredibly talented core team that is completely devoted to renewable energy innovation. Imagination and devotion are not able to be purchased, they are gifts, talents. We all share the same vision and dedication.

It is so rewarding to watch something that has taken thousands of hours in the making, finally come to fruition. Alone, I could not have brought it this far. I am so fortunate and grateful!

In closing, I believe that our current and future technology portfolio of patents and innovations will far exceed our history and give our distributors the edge they will need to make a difference in their territories.

We carve out a new trail as we cross over into unchartered territory in the new world of small wind applications that is yet to be expanded upon. There are many new innovations in the pipeline and we look forward to sharing them with all of our shareholders and fans.

Warm regards,
Dieter Sauer
President & CEO