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SOURCE: Sauer Energy

April 16, 2014 07:55 ET

CAMARILLO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 16, 2014) - Sauer Energy Inc.® ("SEI") (OTCQB: SENY), developer of the patented WindCharger® vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) and manufacturer of the patented WindRider® vertical axis wind turbine reported today a strategic alliance with Drinkable Air, Inc., ("Drinkable Air"), of Oakland Park, Florida, that will bring clean water solutions and power to emerging markets and rural applications. The new alliance has been forged to cross-promote brands and new marketing opportunities, as well as for joint research and technology development, product cross-sourcing and joint procurement opportunities.

About Drinkable Air, Inc.
Drinkable Air is a Made in the USA product that converts moisture from the air into drinkable water. Drinkable Air's water generating machines use the patented EnviroGuard™ Ozone Bacterial Control and Purification System to keep it 99.9% bacteria free, while enriching it with oxygen and making it taste pure and fresh. For more information, visit: www.Drinkable-Air.com

"Dieter Sauer and his dedicated team at SEI share the same basic values and corporate consciousness that has been the driving force behind Drinkable Air," said Steve Kairis, Drinkable Air's President and CEO. "Working as a team, we hope to create a world class synergy that will enhance the technological capabilities necessary to solve clean water and power needs across the globe."

SEI applauds Drinkable Air's environmentally sound technology approach and business model. Proud to be associated with a corporation that represents global awareness and shares the same hopeful message, SEI feels that Drinkable Air has addressed the need for clean water in a comprehensive manner.

"The unification of technologies to fulfill rudimentary essentials is just the beginning. I look forward to this engagement and its implementation. We can touch the lives of many in very meaningful ways with this joint solution. Everyone deserves clean water and the ability to access it. This will cross all divides to transform, modernize and enlighten our world," commented Dieter Sauer, CEO and President of Sauer Energy, Inc.

After ample testing of Drinkable Air's Chameleon 8, SEI reports that the unit's performance and production of clean drinking water is predictable and dependable.

SEI's Smart Energy Efficient System ("SEES") is an ideal fit for Drinkable Air's atmospheric water generating systems. This alliance is committed to accelerating the advancement of both technologies by developing innovative, high performance efficient renewable energy solutions that are ecofriendly. With global demand for clean water and electricity, this off-grid design provides both, with an environmentally small carbon footprint. Its portability makes for an ideal solution in rural areas.
Wherever windy, SEI's turbines, with proper storage capacity, can help meet the water needs of communities and much more. SEI's off-grid power generation can create a broader spectrum solutions package.

The demand for renewable energy and clean water continues to skyrocket. This collaboration between both brands is committed to provide the essential components for a healthier life worldwide.

About Sauer Energy Inc.

Sauer Energy Inc. is a technology developer and manufacturer focused on the emerging renewable energy market. In the very near future, SEI plans to offer the patented helixical WindRider model VAWT that employs the HelixWind technology it purchased in 2012. The performance enhanced design modifications have delivered superior results. They are specifically designed to be pole mounted and can respond to demand for applications that do not require roof mounting.

SEI has created the WindCharger brand model to provide a better solution for the use of wind capture for residential or small building mounting and use. We believe that because it requires so few parts, it provides a new direction for wind capture and will easily scale from residential to small community and up to large industrial scale. The market opportunity for a new, innovative technology is unlimited.

The WindCharger is one of Sauer Energy's key innovations. With several patents in place and many more pending, SEI is engaged in manufacturing and commercialization now, and plans to see a financial return on its investments. To learn more about Sauer Energy, please visit: www.SauerEnergy.com

Sauer Energy... There's power in numbers!®

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