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World’s Ideal Wind Market

Here's something absolutely amazing and fascinating...


When companies talk of selling ‘small-wind’ energy turbines to the retail market, they’re thinking of homes with an acre or two of land, farms and rural locations, commercial sites run by savvy CEOs, and out-of-the-way locations unconnected to the grid.



But there’s something else that everyone is overlooking.


It concerns the world’s greatest off-the-radar wind market. And it’s really interesting because few people ever know about it.


I’m talking about smaller inhabited islands — and being away from the mainland, they tend to be windy. Here’s what you probably don’t know...

There are thousands of them in the world on which people are living. They range from very small islands with two or three families, to larger ones on which a few hundred or perhaps thousands of people have their homes. They’re off the coasts of Europe and Asia, Africa and Australia, North and South America.


Total estimated population on these smaller-sized islands, world-wide? Several million people, at least, but that’s a very rough estimate.


What you should know:

  • Each of these islands can’t have any link to a power grid for the obvious reason: They’re islands. And while there might have some central generator, these isolated island-folks are perpetually power-starved. In an energy sense, they’re prisoners.
  • They get their power almost exclusively from gas/diesel-fueled generators, with some solar, and negligible wind-generated power. (Past ‘small-wind’ generators can be unreliable, need constant servicing, and may not provide much power.)
  • Because islands are usually hilly and short of useable horizontal space, solar tends to come from roof-tops, or not at all. Also, much of the northern hemisphere has irregular sun.
  • Islands are dependent on fossil fuel-powered generators that no one likes: They’re noisy, smelly, need constant repairs and are very, very expensive to operate. Fuel must be shipped in, and retail prices can be double what it would cost on the mainland.
  • But there’s also good news: ISLANDS TEND TO BE WINDY. For us, that’s ideal.



What's the bottom line?


Roughly a million or so island-dwelling households around the world are starved for reliable, low-cost power — and they’ll be prime prospects for Sauer’s advanced WindCutter wind turbine.



A virgin market for wind power



We began getting requests that seemed to come out of nowhere, from places we had never heard of, all over the world. Then we began to notice something odd: A lot of these people were writing to us from ISLANDS. And they weredesperate for reliable, reasonably-priced power … they had heard of Sauer Energy, one way or another … and they were all asking the same question that investors have been asking:


“When can we buy one of your wind turbines?”


Describing them as “desperate” is no exaggeration. As their lifestyles have improved in recent years — with computers, air conditioners, power equipment and other accouterments for modern living — their need for electricity has soared. But the more power they need, the more dependent they’ve become on it, and the more expensive “modern” living was becoming. (Once you’ve used an air conditioner, you never want to go back to fans!)


Solar has helped a bit, but there's a definite need for more wind generated power, which is why we have been getting emails from islands all over, practically begging for a ‘small-wind’ turbine that’s rugged and reliable, and can generate enough power to light up a small home.



The island market is huge!


Frankly, this relatively undiscovered market has been a real eye-opener. And the more we think of it, the more it blows us away.


I mean, talk about a captive market with a million power-starved households — actually, a lot more — that are off the grid, solar-restricted, buffeted by winds and who badly need clean, reliable wind-generated power.


Because, remember, these are ISLANDS, which means their inhabitants, need power that they can rely on, month after month, year after year.


Given all this, you can see why Sauer Energy’s WindCutter will be an authentic game-changer: Slated to be the first-and-only ‘small-wind’ turbine to be certified, and able to provide significant power.


I want Sauer’s WindCutters to be like those old service-free ‘beetle’ Volkswagens: They seemed to live forever!




Warm Regards,


Dieter Sauer

President & CEO




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