WindCutter Technical Details


Turbine Blades

Aluminum, anodized, high strength 6063 extruded blades for longevity. Options include colors, logo design and advertising.  Extruded aluminum blades provide outstanding rigidity as well as better weight distribution and uniformity throughout the blades.  In the end, this provides better balance to the turbine resulting in longer life.


High efficiency, axial-flux, permanent magnet generator with reduced weight, when compared to traditional radial-flux generators. Its central mounting location optimizes turbine weight distribution resulting in a more stable and balanced turbine.


3 separate bearings are integrated for maximum turbine strength and stability.  The leading cause of small wind turbine PMG and bearing issues is uneven turbulent airflow. This bearing configuration provides a great solution for turbulent winds in urban areas.

Dual caliper Manual Brake

When applied, the manual brake provides complete lockdown of the turbine for any needed maintenance as well as lockout capabilities from a distance for storms.  The brakes are comprised of cable actuated hydraulic calipers attached to a proprietary handle in a tamper-proof locking box.

Debris Cover

This covering is meant to keep the environment off of the manual disk brake system, bearings and cables.

Modular Arms

High-strength galvanized 4130 chromoly tubing, interchangeable and compact for reduced installation times and more compact and cheaper shipping.

Lift Points

Easy lift points after turbine has been completely assembled on ground level

Pole Mount

Various monopole lengths for stand-alone installations. Gin-pole and hydraulic poles available to remove the need for crane rental resulting in reduced installation cost.


Provide greater turbine efficiency while reducing turbulent airflows off of the tips of the blades.

Mount Base

Can be mounted to pole or commercial structures.