Traditionally, most economic renewable-energy projects relied on financial assistance from a host of mechanisms, such as production tax credits, renewable portfolio standards, green credits and government rebates.

Subsidies are being offered for most renewable-energy resource projects, such as solar power, large wind, and hydro facilities. These incentives are being offered for a limited time only as a means of raising awareness and participation. When that comes to an end, projects using vertical-axis wind turbines will remain in the forefront because domestically manufactured vertical axis turbines are less expensive to obtain and implement.  For more information about incentives in your area, visit:

Some manufacturers will own and operate the turbines. They can sell the green power generated onsite to other organizations, at a guaranteed long-term fixed power rate. This can be a favorable alternative, enabling the organization to reap the economic benefits of "off the grid" power, without the financial risk.

In addition to undeniable energy cost reduction, the onsite turbine is a powerful exhibition of an organization's dedication to green power.


The industrial revolution of this century has set the stage for our current world energy situation. Our consumption rate has increased at a much faster rate than we can produce. With this rising demand for power, the world’s focus is on pollution-free renewable energy sources is understandable.

Being the most efficient and economic, vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) sales have captured a fair share of the market growth of 30% per year and intensifying. The low cost per kWh of energy produced is a key factor in the popularity of vertical axis wind turbines.