With an inexhaustible supply of wind, the Sauer Energy VAWT system will produce a continuous supply of energy. It can allow for auxiliary and emergency power needs in addition to maintaining daily functions.


Ships create an optimum use for the Sauer Energy VAWT system. Ships power through the air, thus creating an infinite supply of wind. Our systems can be mounted throughout the superstructure to produce continuous supplementary energy to offset fuel consumption or for emergency use. Various candidates include tankers, cruise ships, cargo ships and military vessels.


All sizes of islands are extremely dependent upon fuel feed generators. Our Sauer Energy VAWT system is ideal for remote uses and can withstand various conditions.


* Flexibility in various locations

* Ease of installation

* Strong and durable

* Minimal maintenance

* Withstand harsh environment


Using a VAWT system can supplement the need for fuel generators.

Potential uses include:

* Ranger Stations

* Lighthouses

* Remote train stations

* U.S. Coast Guard and Naval Stations


Small VAWT systems can be attached to any ground structural building.


* Single-Family Residence

* Backup power

* Off-Grid

* Power can be re-injected into grid for revenue

Small Community

* Remote areas can have the benefit of a higher level of service


End-of-the-line VAWT system is a micro power station attached to a number of homes and to the power grid.


* Maintain normal services

* No power lost to impurities in the transmission

* Excess power re-injected into grid for revenue


Commercial buildings provide an ideal opportunity for using Sauer Energy’s VAWT system. There are literally thousands of high-rise buildings located on every continent. The high-rise structures are unique in that their presence creates an artificial upward draft along their face during the day and wind blows across their top at night.

* High-rise structures

* Harbors

* Marinas


Various towers have special requirements to provide 24/7 365 days per year illumination (FAA Aircraft). These towers require fuel and generators to operate. Sauer Energy VAWT systems can easily be installed on any tower. Examples of uses include cellular carriers, state and local fire, police and emergency towers.

* Benefits

* Tower lights

* Emergency power/backup


Bridges present a unique opportunity to convert wind energy into electricity. They have requirements to maintain electricity for use as navigational lights, water and air traffic. Because of their hardened design, high output and small size, our VAWT systems can be mounted on any infrastructure.


* Emergency conditions – Power outages

* Backup power for pumping stations, tunnels, rest stops, maintenance stations, toll plazas, inspection facilities, etc.


Very large Sauer Energy VAWT systems can be placed off-shore along a coastal environment to catch on-shore and off-shore wind. The hydro VAWT system can be used to take advantage of tidal flows in the ocean, streams and rivers.


Sauer Energy has a concept design in which our VAWT System would enable a charging system to be incorporated into any electric car.

These hybrid automobiles rely solely on an electric motor rather than a gasoline engine. Together with a controller, technically known as electrochemical energy conversion device, they can get their power from an array of rechargeable batteries.

We will only apply our design to a battery that has all of its chemicals stored inside and converts those chemicals to electricity. Fuel cells are cost prohibitive at the moment and require constant maintenance, so they are unsuitable. We have taken a look at the various batteries out there. It all comes down to cost per kilowatt. We see that the self-contained battery will be around for many years to come. This will give us a great advantage into the market area for our turbine system.

Our innovative technologies will allow various charging systems to be mounted throughout a hybrid design. Our VAWT System will extend the mileage driven and save on recharging per kilowatt.

The electric car is a prime candidate to be improved by making it self-charging. Any time the car moves and at any speed, it will be recharging itself. This is true day and night, thus, eliminating much of the depletion of charged batteries. This will translate into extended mileage and less recharging from external sources.

Sauer Energy knows that the future is already here. We must act now and adapt to all of its demands. With the world depleting energy in record amounts, we must use what is at hand. Wind energy can be harnessed and converted into electricity in ways most have never dreamed. Sauer Energy VAWT Systems will work in harmony with other concepts already in play.