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November 01, 2016 07:55 ET


OXNARD, CA--(Marketwired - November 01, 2016) - Sauer Energy Inc.® ("SEI") (OTCQB: SENY), developer of the patented WindCharger® vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) and manufacturer of the patented WindRider® vertical axis wind turbine, is writing to report on significant progress that many of you have asked for recently.

Below are many of the accomplishments over the last year:


1. WindCutter Mechanical Engineering Certification Analysis

Over the past few months, the WindCutter has undergone mechanical engineering certification analysis at ATA Engineering, Inc., (ATA), which will enable it to be the first vertical axis wind turbine, in its class, to be certified by the Small Wind Certification Council.


Sauer Energy has been in a holding pattern, while anxiously awaiting the official results from ATA, for the analysis, which is due any time now. That being said, we still have to wait until they have completed the analysis and deliver the findings in writing before we can make a public declaration.

2. Wind Turbine Market

Since 1980, the cost per kilowatt hour of wind has dropped 80%, and it is less expensive to produce per kilowatt than coal-produced electricity. We plan for the expansion of wind in selected target areas that will be able to produce the anticipated results. Obviously, the siting of a turbine is of vital importance for suitability and performance. The ever-growing demands for energy and sustainability are increasing each year. Sauer Energy is entering the market at an ideal time. Sauer Energy has taken the necessary steps to ensure a firm position in the marketplace.

3. International Sales

Since international installations are not eligible for incentives offered in the U.S., we plan to fill some of our first orders in foreign markets. We have two islands ready to buy. We also have groups from South & Central America and Europe, all requesting WindCutters, anxious and ready to issue purchase orders. We will provide more information about these installations after we hear from ATA.

4. Domestic Sales

Sauer Energy is also opening a domestic direct sales channel that includes installation and consulting. This will include built-in direct sales to pre-selected markets for renewable energy and rapid expansion to all products.

5. Corporate Compliance

Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility and full disclosure has been a highlight of Sauer Energy. This trend will continue and reinforce our credibility among shareholders. Sauer Energy is up-to-date on its reporting responsibilities to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The 10K Fiscal Year End Financial Report is nearly completed now and will be filed in a timely fashion.

6. Innovation

We have continued to utilize all of our resources to further our technology. Products that are completely new to Sauer Energy's portfolio, are slated to provide additional revenue streams. With hundreds of hours of testing already completed, these new products may well set industry standards, and these investments will likely have a strong revenue base. They will be announced in the near future.

7. Revenues

Confirmed mechanical engineering certification analysis from ATA will facilitate our transition to revenue positive status. We expect to purchase new equipment to streamline our manufacturing processes. This will increase our ability to complete units faster and expand our manufacturing, thus, enhancing long-term shareholder value.

We plan to seek out additional streams of income through various contracting sources to finance the thousands of turbines we plan to install globally. More information about this will be announced in the coming year.

8. The Company

We are still on course, actively pursuing long term growth through strategic alliances. This will also assist in our ongoing research and development programs.


Progress continues with the nearly completed certification analysis of the WindCutter. Based on positive preliminary data from ATA, the Company has been creating jigs, etc., to make the manufacturing process smoother and more efficient.


We expect that the WindCutter's overall rating, with its many advancements in braking, high-wind scenarios, fatigue and other factors, will meet the highest industry standard of the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC).

9. Completed to Date

Upon completion of the long-awaited analysis results, the Company will commence the execution of marketing and sales of the WindCutter.


The following are just a few of the areas we are working on, or have completed:


a. Certification underway, almost ready;
b. Shipping and packaging, ready;
c. Jigs and tooling, etc., ready;
d. Equipment purchase(s) underway, almost completed;
e. R & D and prototyping of new products, continuing.

10. The Future

Sauer Energy sees an unprecedented amount of opportunity going into 2017, and in the years ahead. With so many years of development behind us, we can now look forward to sustained growth and added shareholder value.


Overcoming the challenges presented by ever-evolving technology and the changing business landscape, we feel our Company can deliver the best solutions for its customers.

11. Finally, from the CEO

President and CEO, Dieter Sauer, would like to extend heartfelt thanks for your continued support and confidence in our work, from all of us at Sauer Energy.


About Sauer Energy Inc.


Sauer Energy Inc. is a technology developer and manufacturer focused on the emerging renewable energy market. SEI's first offering, the WindCutter, is based on the Darrieus principal and has five airfoil blades that use the principle of lift to rotate the shaft and is pole mounted.


SEI also plans to offer the patented helixical WindRider model, a vertical axis wind turbine that employs the HelixWind® technology that it purchased in 2012. The higher performance design modifications are expected to deliver superior results. The WindRider is also pole-mounted, and can be used for applications that don't require roof mounting. SEI invented and also plans to offer the WindCharger® brand turbine for a better roof-mounted solution for residential and other small building usage.


SEI's technology is remarkable as it requires so few parts. This means a lower manufacturing cost, more efficient operation, lower maintenance (fewer parts = less chance of malfunction), and greater power generation. This will provide SEI with a new direction for wind capture, making it easier to scale from residential, to powering a small community -- all the way up to large industrial facilities. The market opportunity for this new, self-contained, innovative technology is unlimited and growing rapidly.


With several patents in place and many more pending, SEI looks forward to manufacturing and commercialization. It is also aggressively moving toward a financial return on its investments. To learn more about Sauer Energy, please visit:


Sauer Energy... Harnessing the true power of wind!®


Forward-Looking Statements


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